MediaSignage new mediaCLOUD release

mediaCLOUD new release updates notes

We are excited to announce the release of mediaCLOUD 4.13. This release focused on customer feedbacks and includes lots of components and studio enhancements; you spoke and we listened.

In release 4.13 we introduced an improved SignageStudio folder and filter management tools so you can easily manage thousands of resources. We also delivered 3 new components including:

– RemoteEvents: A powerful Javascript integration. With RemoteEvents you can create custom applications such as Queuing (when customer stand in line waiting to be served on), Teller Alert, Gaming scoreboard and many more.

– Countdown: set a future date / time for a specified event, letting your audience know how much time is left before the big event.

– Chat: allow your audience to communicate via your digital signage screens. Ideal for applications such as public auctions.

We also introduced minor enhancements such as studio short cuts, component renaming and more.

And for Enterprise users, we introduced a new way to capitalize on their investment. With mediaCLOUD 4.13 enterprise users can manage the total number of screens that can be installed per each sub account, as well as manage free account creation.

And finally, mediaCLOUD 4.13 is now fully in sync with mediaHYBRID AWS. So our private virtulized servers customer base using AWS can now enjoy the same enhancements as everyone else.

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