MediaSignage: introducing RemoteTouch – it’s what you’ve been waiting for..

RemoteTouch is probably the most exciting feature we released to date. Imagine if you could extend your Digital Signage screens right onto your audience’s hand held devices, allowing them full control over which content to watch and to make selections; well imagine no more. RemoteTouch can do all that and a lot more.

With RemoteTouch your audience can use their smart phones (iPhone, Android, etc) to scan a QR code and remotely control the screen in front of them. When users tap on the menu displayed on their mobile phones, the corresponding content will be presented on the Digital Signage screens; it’s as simple as that.

RemoteTouch includes:

Timeline switching through events
Collection navigation through events
Dynamic QR code generation per screen
Client side support for HTML5 / JavaScript
Intelligent screen access mechanism
Remote API to send screen commands
Working samples and source code

MediaSignage: new Alerting and Emergency system released

a powerful event system

At MediaSignage we never stop innovating, and always working to deliver every possible feature to accommodate our ever growing user base. With this release we introduced Emergency and Alert event system. Now you can use your Digital Signage screens to notify your audience in case of an emergency. You can even integrate the feature with existing alert systems.


Campaign trigger management through events

Push external notifications with http POST

Receive external notifications through API

Bind multiple events to a single trigger

User authentication for remote triggering

Send Unicast, Multicast and Broadcast events

JavaScript library for remote triggers

So you can now have your emergency notification system automatically override whatever content is currently showing on your screens and deliver critical, real time, visual notification messages to your audience.

Checkout the video tutorial link above and learn just how flexible and easy it is to setup Emergency and Alert notifications and integrate it for your organization

What’s new in 4.11

The mediaSERVER release 4.11 is now available for download. Now you can enjoy all the features you love in the mediaCLOUD, but within your own private network. The 4.11 release introduces hundreds of new features enhancements including:

  • Android player support
  • Proof of play
  • XML component
  • QR component
  • Collection component
  • mediaSTORE integration
  • Facebook integration
  • Studio enhancements
  • Player optimization
  • and lot’s of other stuff

The best part is that with version 4.11 you will be in sync with the mediaCLOUD; thus always receiving the same features and updates at the same time as everyone else. Upgrade today and enjoy the world’s most popular Digital Signage platform, in your own private network.


If you purchased mediaSERVER 3.X in the past year, you are entitled for a FREE upgrade to the new release 4.11. Be sure to check with Live Chat for info on how to receive your upgrade. To upgrade a recent installed server simply run ServerUpdater on your private mediaSERVER. To purchase an upgrade you may visit the billing portal and login with your Provider’s credentials.

What’s next

Our developers are working hard to deliver the best experience to you and your audience. We will soon release the “Emergency and Alerting system”, Automation and much more.

So as always, thank you for your support over the years!