Android Powerhouse Digital Signage Player: mediaDROID-100

More power, faster graphics, for less money, in a very small form factor; that’s what the mediaDROID-100 Digital Signage Player is all about. A truly revolutionary device, this player packs a serious 1.7Ghz quad core processor, 2G of DDR3 memory and over 8GB in internal storage. The Player can drive High Definition content at 30 FPS while still having plenty of power to spare for other stuff.

The mediaDROID-100 retails for only $295.00
It is by far the most power you can get in such a small device. MediaSignage developers engineered a custom Android OS version to ensure consistent and uninterrupted playback.
The device runs in full screen, supports vertical and horizontal screen modes and delivers the same feature set as the full SignagePlayer Desktop version.
– Digital Signage has been officially reinvented.

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