MediaSignage begins to ship the mediaDROID V2

The mediaDROID already revolutionized Digital Signage forever.

In fact, we never had so many companies choose over other provider as since we started shipping the mediaDROID ZX back in Jun, 2012.
And so we put a lot of effort to make the mediaDROID V2 even better. The mediaDROID V2 now ships with Android’s Jelly Bean OS to improve performance (especially with video playback) as well as a stronger Wi-Fi module and stronger USB soldering so the device can really take your abuse (and we know how you love to abuse it 😉 ).
We released our new SignagePlayer 4.10 with Proof of play, Local Ads and resource expiration for Android last week and we are on schedule to release Stage3D with GPU hardware acceleration for the mediaDROID early next year.

So you can tell we are super excited about this product and we will keep pushing the envelope to make sure you get what you expect from the world’s most popular FREE Digital Signage company…

Thank you for your support and have a great happy new year.

The MediaSignage Support team.

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