Digital Signage can now run EVERYWHERE!

Digital Signage Everywhere

Digital Signage can now run EVERYWHERE!

The new SignagePlayer™ Embedded version
We are happy to announce the new addition to our family of Digital Signage and Kiosk SignagePlayers™. Our legacy SignagePlayer™ Desktop version is designed to run on a dedicated PC connected to a dedicated screen. The SignagePlayer™ Web version allows you to quickly preview and share your presentation via a web link that you can e-mail to customers and colleagues. And with this new release the SignagePlayer™ Embedded version, you can now embed a Digital Signage or Kiosk presentation right onto any Flash powered device/browser.

Build it once – run it EVERYWHERE!
Just imagine the possibilities, simply embed a snippet of HTML code and share your signage presentation with the world. It doesn’t matter which operating system they use, which browser or even which device; simply load the page and watch the latest revision of the same presentation that’s running everywhere else. Make a change in the SignageStudio, click File > Save, and all SignagePlayers (Desktop, Web and Embedded) display the latest version. You can use the SignagePlayer Embedded version for dynamic web banners, create multiple screen divisions, incorporate scheduling and take advantage of all of the SignagePlayer features.

Watch the Screen Cast on how to use it
Learn how to take advantage of the SignagePlayer™ Embedded version.
Watch the screen cast and get a step by step instructions on how this works.

Checkout some LIVE examples
Want to see the SignagePlayer™ Embedded version in action? No problem
We are sure you can come up with a ton of ways to take advantage of the this.
Follow the link to check it out.

And what’s next
Our next release 2.0 is full steam ahead. This will be a major milestone as it is a
Game Changer. Focused on reseller support, access control lists, player grouping and more. We hope to have it ready for you around the end of May / beginning of June 2010.

The Team

Adobe should open source Flash thus eliminating the need for HTML5

Subject: Adobe should open source Flash thus eliminating the need for HTML5

Adobe should open source Flash and thus make HTML5 completely irrelevant. The only reason why HTML5 has any momentum to it is because many prefer complete transparency when it comes to internet technologies. And with Adobe opening the complete source code of the Flash runtime they will kill two birds with one stone so to speak, first they will have the Flash standard most likely be integrated into the HTML5 RFC thus making the two technologies one, and second allow developers to actually improve upon the standard and improving the overall quality of the code.
Anyways Adobe is giving the Flash Player for free and receive most of the income from the development tools producing flash content such as Adobe Flash, Dreamweaver, Flex etc.
Adobe has made some amazing strategic moves in the past several years including acquiring Flash from Macromedia, releasing Flex which is an development environment for rich application and now intergrading Flash into the Chrome browser (coming soon); just to name a few.
Many think of Flash is just a simple animation engine; but it is much more.
If Adobe is to keep it’s 98% market share with the Flash plug in, they must open the Flash player onto an open source platform and proving once and for all (to Apple) that adopting Flash onto the iPhone and iPad is unavoidable, since HTML5 == Flash.