What to do if you get a “Download failed” during 1.6 update to 1.7

Since we changed the SSL certificate in release 1.7, any previous release of 1.X must be uninstalled before you install the new 1.7 release.

This will be the ONLY time you will ever be required to do an unsinstall and installl for the AIRPlayers and AIRStudio.
it is known and you must uninstall the AIRPlayer and AIRStudio.
You may also want to delete the C:\Program Files\SignagePlayerAir and C:\Program Files\SignageStudioAir before proceeding with installing the new 1.7 version.

Once all are uninstalled, you may install the new 1.7 versions from the link below:


Note that the reason we changed the certificate was to change the name from MediaSignage to a generic Signage to add another layer of transparency to our white labeled product.

Release 1.6 is out. Release 1.7 is cooking…

Release 1.6 changed some core functionality of the Watchdog, which by the way is now called the SignageController.bat as some users complained on the forum that Watchdog was a punitive term.

Here is the break down of release .16:

1.6.285 New Watchdog developed in C++ (now called SignageController) with better performance and enhanced functionality
1.6.285 Improved AIRPlayer Windowing system using new canvas design for improved Signage performance
1.6.285 Added the ability to control Timeline interrupt (like screen saver) for Kiosk mode with timer control
1.6.285 Remote Live Snapshots of current running Signage presentation
1.6.285 Standby monitor mode
1.6.285 Reboot PC remotely
1.6.285 Windows taskbar hide mode
1.6.285 Integration with exe applications such as POS
1.6.285 Background music player and mp3 sound playlists

Release 1.7 will focus on bug fixes and enhancing some of the underling code of the features implemented in release 1.6.

A bit of bad news. Since our Adobe AIR SSL certificate had the name MediaSignage.com embedded in it, some White Label resellers complaint (justifiably) that it breaks the transparency  of MediaSignage as it shows the text “MediaSignage Organization” during the installation of the AIRPlayer and AIRStudio.

And so, in release 1.7 we had to purchase a new Adobe AIR certificate under the new Legal Name Signage. Which of course adds another great  layer of transparency to MediaSignage reseller program.

However, this will require that all AIRPlayers and AIRStudios installed will have to be uninstalled and re-installed on the next 1.7 release.

The good news is that this will never happen again, only once on this next release.