Free Digital Signage (scheduled for Oct 13th)

Public release on October 13, 2008  


Public release of Free Digital Signage is around the corner.

We pushed back the release to October 13th so we can fix a few more issues before we open the doors. 

We want you to be impressed with the Signage presentation software we created so we are working day and night to fix all issues at hand.


We need to deliver a quality solution that you and your customers can benefit from … thus the delay in release !



What’s in store for the near future  


We have hundreds of features lined up including tuner card support, global weather RSS and much more. We are overwhelmed by the positive feedback we have been getting and we thank you for your support 

Stay tuned as we are almost ready.



Want to be a reseller ?  


We have been getting lots of requests for reseller accounts. 

MediaSignage presents a great opportunity to Digital Signage resellers due to our lower cost of ownership, multi OS compatibility and ease of deployment.


Our inexpensive solution presents a real breakthrough and allows resellers to finally rollout signage solutions to all businesses, large and small. The reseller platform will be available at the beginning of 2009.



If you have questions, suggestions or any other feedback please drop us a quick email so we can stay in touch… 

You can contact us at or reply to our online blog or even drop a post on the online forum

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