Free Digital Signage vs $7000.00

In the recent WireSpring Blog Bill Gerba ( ) estimated the avg cost of Digital Signage as $7000.00 for a 100 monitor setup.


Cost of a digital sign for 3 years
40″ LCD screen $1,500
Player hardware $1,200
Display mount $250
Player software $500
Management software & tech support $1,800
Installation $1,200
Initial project management $300
Total $6,750


And while certain things are a must haves such as the hardware, with MediaSignage free Digital Signage solution you can save $3800.00 per monitor. Of course some companies choose to charge more and some less per license but the above estimates are a good industry standard snapshot.

We believe that Digital Signage should be something you should not have to spend an arm and a leg to acquire thus making it affordable for everyone.

Get some quotes from some of other guys and compare. We are sure you will be happy you ran into MediaSignage

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